Managing Anxiety With CBD

Managing stress and anxiety in our day to day lives is important to our overall health, happiness and longevity.  The pace at which we live and work, consume media, the constant ping of messages and alerts requires that everyday we practice ways to keep a sense of balance.

Different things work for different people.  I find exercise, eating well, 15 minutes of quiet time and good sleep works best for me.  By good sleep, I mean 7 hours of solid sleep, going to sleep and waking up at around the same time.

But sometimes things change….

I’ve experience anxiety twice now where it’s reached the point that it manifested in panic attacks and I needed help. In each case it was a caused by a significant change in my life which I wasn’t well prepared for.

The first time this occurred I went to the Doctor, I explained what was happening, she asked a couple of basic questions then sent me on my way with a prescription of Xanax.  It helped, the Xanax did have a calming effect but when you look at what taking it can cause, it’s frightening – paranoid or suicidal ideation, impaired memory, judgment, and coordination. Combining with other substances, particularly alcohol, can slow breathing and possibly lead to death.


The second time my anxiety tipped over into panic attacks, the severity was far more serious.  It was during the time we working on the formulations for REMEDY_ASSIST. so I used our CALM_ASSIST. which I found as effective as Xanax.  The sublingual spray delivery made the calming effect far quicker to kick in than the Xanax pill which took around 30 minutes.

The big difference is that CBD is natural and naturally interacts with our endocannabinoid system to create the calming effect.  The CBD molecule has very low toxicity, and thus has very few adverse side effects: In the worst case, taking too much may cause sleepiness.

I now take CBD on a daily basis and have introduced CALM_ASSIST. To my daily routine to help manage my stress and anxiety.