CBD infused organic remedies to assist you in being well

At REMEDY_ASSIST. we have set out to create a versatile range of natural remedies for the health concerns that affected us on a day to day basis that leveraged the therapeutic benefits of cannabis but without THC and the high effect.  

Based in Los Angeles REMEDY_ASSIST. develops, manufactures and distributes CBD infused remedies that provide natural relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and a range of other health conditions.  From research and development, to sourcing each element from the highest quality providers, to manufacturing to delivery, we obsess about every part of the process.  We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our products and that the CBD extract is derived from specially selected organically grown hemp.





Adam Garone


Health and wellness activist
One of the most successful social entrepreneurs of recent times, Adam co-founded and led the Movember Foundation from its humble beginnings in 2003 in Melbourne Australia to become a global phenomenon, that has raised close to $1 Billion and funded thousands of research and support programs that have changed the face of men’s health. 

Through this journey Adam learnt that diet, exercise and natural remedies have the greatest potential in preventing and treating the mental and physical issues we face. 

“In 2016 I became aware of CBD and its potential as one of the most impactful remedies provided to us from nature.  As we developed our products I have used them extensively to manage my anxiety and sleep issues which has been life changing.  I’m confident our remedies will assist you in the same way”


Dr. Jonathan Leary 

Concierge wellness Doctor

Over the past nine years, Dr. Leary has worked to change the face of standard healthcare by developing and understanding cutting-edge techniques that optimize the body’s capacity for natural healing. In hopes to bring wellness to the masses, his volunteer efforts aim to educate, inspire, and change the way we think about our health and our bodies

“I have seen first hand the power of CBD with my patients for the past couple years. From pain management, to decreased prescription drug use, to naturally curing their day to day health concerns, it does it all. I know our remedies will assist you in the same way.”


Jason Sydney

From the onset of regulatory transformation in the cannabis industry, Jason has developed financial models and strategic business plans for farm, manufacturing, and distribution operations.  He was one of the pioneers in the industry contracted by both the state of California and international CBD focused orgainzations.  His experience in the chemicals industry developing organic solutions gives him a deep understanding of ongoing technological and regulatory advancement in this dynamic market.

"Where traditional medicine could not aid in the relief of a family member's ongoing pain management, CBD solutions gave them the opportunity to wake up in the morning after a good night's rest and get out of bed without being hindered by chronic ailments.  I'm looking forward to sharing our products with my friends and consumers to give them the same relief and ability to live a happier and more productive life."